Awards at The Exemplary

Celebration is the competition division of The Exemplary. Within Celebration categories, there are three types of awards:

  • Ribbons awarded by professional judges
  • Special awards selected by the NAN Board of Directors
  • Awards selected by others

Ribbons awarded by professional judges:

Within each competition category, judges may present ribbons to works for First, Second, and Third Places and Honorable Mention. Placement is determined by a point system that evaluates the entries for design, execution, techniques, presentation, and suitability of purpose. In addition, the following special awards are presented by judges:

  • Best of Show (Jean Taggart Award) selected from First Place winners in all categories except Japanese Embroidery
  • Best of Show for Japanese Embroidery (The Beverly Booker Award) selected by the Japanese Embroidery judge from First Place winners in that category
  • Judge’s Choice selected by each judge based solely on the judge’s opinion and not on a point system

Special awards selected by the NAN Board of Directors:

  • The Academy Heart (Jody Adams Award) given for the piece that best evokes a quality symbolically associated with heart such as beauty, wisdom, passion, or courage
  • The Betsy Robb Award given for excellence in predominantly silk and/or metal work
  • The Exemplary Award presented to the entry that demonstrates outstanding technical skill
  • The Linda Calsing Award given to the piece best reflecting Linda’s love of travel and history
  • The Muse’s Kiss (Peg Laflam Award) given for innovation or imagination

Awards selected by others:

  • Popular Choice selected by visitors to The Exemplary. Each visitor is eligible to cast one vote, and the piece receiving the most votes receives this award.
  • Best Flower (Gail Sirna Award) selected by Gail Sirna. This award goes to the piece that portrays a flower or floral theme in the most artistic and/or technically excellent way.
  • The Dolores Andrew Award selected by Dolores Andrew. This award is presented to an original entry that demonstrates creative use of color and design in any medium.