Divisions Within The Exemplary

  • Celebration is a judged competition open to any embroidery done by the entrant. We welcome both original and non-original pieces, and they are judged separately. Other divisions within The Exemplary are not judged.
  • For the Joy of Sharing welcomes any piece stitched by the entrant, especially recent works.
  • By Invitation honors the work of one person or a group of noteworthy embroiderers. Participation is by invitation only. This division includes an exhibit of works by the annual NAN Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.
  • Certification is a display of work by Academy certification candidates. Participation in this display is required for completion of Teachers’ CertificationJudges’ CertificationTeacher cum Laude, and Honors.
  • Permanent Collection is a selection of pieces from the National Academy of Needlearts’ permanent collection at the Gregg Museum of Art & Design.
  • Needleart on Loan is a display of interesting embroidery that the entrant has not stitched, but wishes to share. Included are heirloom, antique, and ethnic embroideries.
  • Special Collection consists of pieces worked or donated by NAN members to be auctioned as fundraisers for the Academy.
  • Next Time at Assembly is a display of the classes available at Assembly in the following year.
Three Litters by Joyce Houck