The Virtual Exemplary 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Exemplary 2021 was a virtual exhibition. Each entrant provided a photo of their work(s), and if required for its category, an artist’s statement. Entries were not judged or critiqued. A complete list of entries can be downloaded here.

Congratulations to Toni Gerdes, whose Patchwork Elephant was selected by viewers as winner of the Popular Choice Award.

Exhibition categories are shown below. Click on the images for enlarged views and to step through a slide show for each category. Categories with a large number of entries are displayed on a separate page.

Professional Original (30 entries, view here)

Non-Professional Original (6 entries, view here)

Professional Adaptation (2 entries, view below)

Non-Professional Adaptation (2 entries, view below)

Professional Non-Original with Instruction (35 entries, view here)

Non-Professional Non-Original with Instruction (22 entries, view here)

Professional Non-Original without Instruction (3 entries, view below)

Professional Mixed Media (2 entries, view below)

Non-Professional Japanese Embroidery (1 entry, view below)
Certification Candidates (5 candidates with 18 entries, view here)