NANthology is the quarterly newsletter of the National Academy of Needleart. Every issue contains a message from the Director of Education and news about NAN. In addition to our news, we frequently publish interesting articles about various areas of the needle arts. We’re happy to share some of these articles with you. We’ll be adding new articles regularly, so check back often to see what’s new.

Winter 2010: An Artist’s Statement…but

Winter 2009: One Step After Another

Fall 2008: The Exemplary

Spring 2007: Why Get Certified?

Autumn 2006: Original

Summer 2006: Creative Block: What is it and How Do I Get Past It?
Book Review: A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, and the Quest for the Color of Desire by Amy Butler Greenfield

Spring 2006: Selecting a Scissors

Winter 2006: Honors
Packing The Light Fantastic
Book Review: Preserving Textiles: A Guide for the Nonspecialist

Autumn 2005: We May have to Make a Substitution
Book Review: Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: the power of dialogue in educating adults by Jane Vella

Summer 2005: Parsing the Artist’s Statement

Spring 2005: Mary K. Campbell’s Master Judge Research:  Judging Bobbin Lace
Book Review: Threads of Light–Chinese Embroidery from Suzhou and the Photography of Robert Glen Ketchum

Winter 2005: Book Review: Color: A Course In Mastering The Art Of Mixing Colors

Summer 2004: What is technique, and why are we so worried about it?
Book Review: Teaching Needlecraft, A Handbook for the Beginning Instructor by Rosemary Cornelius, Peg Doffek and Sue Hardy

Spring 2004: Embroideries in a Cornfield?

Winter 2004: You Can Say that Again

Autumn 2003: Creativity
Book Review: The Art of Teaching Craft by Joyce Spencer & Deborah Kneen
What Not to Do by Gail Sirna

Autumn 2002: The Spirit of Teaching (A Journey)
More Than They See

Summer 2002: Needlework as Meditation
Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Your Piece or Mine
Why Do I Need A Critique
Creativity and the Needleartist by Dolores Andrew

Fall 2001: Book Reviews: Color Play by Joen Wolfrom and Learning to Listen, Learning to Teach: the Power of Dialogue in Educating by Jane Vella
Judge Not…

Winter 2001: Book Reviews: Embroidery and Colour by Constance Howard and Designing with Pattern by Jan Messent

Autumn 2000: The Traveling Collector
Partnership Is Better

Summer 2000: The Genesis of Collections
Book Reviews: Picture This — Perception and Composition by Molly Bang and Design Sources for Embroidery by Muriel Best and Vicky Lugg

Spring 2000: From a Judge’s Journal
Collections on Loan, Part III

Fall 1999: Chi Whiz
The Artist’s Statement
Collections on Loan, Part II

Summer 1999: From a Judge’s Journal
Collections on Loan, Part I
Book Reviews: Colour on Paper and Fabric: A Wealth of Techniques for Applying Colour by Ruth Issett
Fabulous Fabrics of the 50’s (And Other Terrific Textiles of the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s) by Gideon Bosken, Michele Mancici & John Gramstad

Spring 1999: From Timid to Intrepid: All It Takes is Practice
The Home of the NAN Collection
Book Review: Creative Embroidery Techniques Using Color Through Gold by Daphne J. Ashby & Jackie Woolsey