Teachers’ Certification

WalkingWatersEdge by Diane Herrman Beginning Intermediate

Walking Waters Edge, a beginning intermediate class designed by Diane Herrman

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The National Academy of Needlearts Teachers’ Certification Program addresses all aspects of embroidery instruction including the development of teaching and presentation skills, study in design and color, and the written work necessary for the successful teaching of needleart. NAN’s program is suited to either the novice or the experienced teacher of the needlearts who wishes to develop and refine her/his instructional skills.

Full certification requires three years of intensive study including attendance at the annual Teachers’ Certification Workshop held in conjunction with the NAN Assembly for Embroiderers. During that time the candidate designs and develops several classes in her/his chosen medium, and compiles a portfolio of her/his own original teaching pieces. Book critiques, color and design notebooks, hand-on teaching presentations, and display of the candidate’s embroidered work at The Exemplary complete the certification process.

The Teachers’ Certification Program also offers candidates an opportunity to become a Master Teacher. To enter the program, the candidate must have achieved their Teachers’ Certification.

GoldenKimono by Toni Gerdes Level II advanced class

Golden Kimono, an advanced class designed by Toni Gerdes

Teachers’ Associate Certification

The Teachers’ Associate Certification program maintains the same standards of excellence and a similar breadth of curriculum, but it does not require original designs. Instead, this certification is for the embroiderer who wishes to teach or improve teaching skills when teaching others’ designs (charted designs, painted canvases, etc.).

This two-year program encompasses teaching the skills and concepts included in classes created for basic and intermediate level students along with the suitable selection of “teachable” designs and the development of supplemental materials that enhance and support the learning experience.

For additional information about the Teachers’ Certification Program or about attending the Teachers’ Certification Workshop, please contact the Director of Education.