Certification Programs

Celeste-croppedThe certification staff of NAN believes that needlework is an art, and that the way for embroidery to be accepted as an art form is through education. If those of us who are teachers and judges of embroidery are well prepared and knowledgeable in our art form, we will teach and judge with the promotion of our art form in mind and the word will spread all over the world.

We believe that each teacher and judge is a rare and individual soul who brings a unique personality and spark of creativity to each experience. Our standard is high: a candidate must reach for the highest goals and stretch mind, creativity, heart and soul to the utmost. We spare no effort in helping guide each candidate into our description of the NAN professional: well prepared, innovative, enthusiastic, ethical, and professional in all aspects of one’s work, and thereby, a positive force for the advancement of our art.

Evidence of the excellence of NAN’s certification programs lies in the success and nationally recognized prominence of our graduates. In addition to providing outstanding curricula in teaching and judging, we address post graduate opportunities for exploring creativity and for rigorous research.

View a list of NAN-certified teachers.                       View a list of NAN-certified judges.

NAN currently offers four programs: