A Dusting of Snow by Gail Stafford

Honorable Mention, Professional Original

Winter snow brings joy I experienced as a child waking up to find my surroundings covered in white. This was the inspiration for this design. The scene is from a nearby yard. I discovered that a light snow showed the features of the bushes, trees, and gazebo’s roof better than a heavy snow.

Working from a photo I took, I stitched the design using overdyed threads and stranded embroidery cotton. I used traditional, invented, random, and surface embroidery stitches. When I could not find a dark enough green, I used a strand of black mixed with strands of dark green for the bushes. When the color of the sky blended too much with the white of the gazebo’s roof, I changed the sky color around the roof to a gray/green thread that blends well with the overdyed thread used in the rest of the sky.