Casting Spells by Dawn Donnelly

Honorable Mention, Professional Original

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I’ve designed a haunted house, a haunted tree, and a witch’s shoe. It seemed only natural my next step would be to design a witch’s hat.

While designing the hat, I knew there were some items I wanted to include: the hat going into a rough inner border, a fancy flower, some kind of spider, rough edges on the hat for dividing lines, and a hat stand.

The fancy flower came from some zipper flowers found on Pinterest. I thought the flower would be a challenge, but little did I know how easy and enjoyable it would be. And, what a great way to give the hat a focal point.

While working on the piece, I continued my research on the Internet, looking for Halloween items. I came across some little signs in a magazine. One in particular caught my attention, “You say ‘Witch’ like it’s a bad thing.” It made me laugh, and I knew I had to include it. I wanted the sign to be fun and easy; scrapbooking paper was the perfect thing to use. It allowed me to place the sign anywhere.

To finish the piece, I added stars, a button spider, and a border of bright green eyelets.