Topsy Turvy Apricot Grove by Kurdy Biggs

Honorable Mention, Professional Original

Sitting at my computer one afternoon, I was playing with shapes from my design, Crescents and Crystals. I took four Fleur-de-lis Crescent groups and put them together. Much to my surprise, they formed a circle. Thus, the shape of Topsy Turvy was formed. Next, I enlarged the design to encompass five circles and four connecting square motifs. This is where the name came from—turning the crescents this way and that way—hence Topsy Turvy.

Then, the fun part began. I love to mix up different shapes into kaleidoscope like designs for counted canvas stitchers! I had such a hard time limiting myself to the dimensions of the piece that I designed extras, so stitchers can choose what motifs they wish to use in the final design.

I brought the design to life with Gloriana Apricot Grove overdyed silk, a personal favorite, on a Vintage Santa Fe Sage canvas. The rest of the silks and metallic threads were chosen to complement the Gloriana. I love the accent that the holographic Kreinik made, but you could never make me stitch with it again! Once the stitching was complete, I selected crystals and an array of beads to finish the piece.