Pansy by Shay Pendray

1st Place, Professional Japanese Embroidery
Best Flower (Gail Sirna Award)

Pansy is a phase of Japanese embroidery. Many have stitched it, but this piece has a unique path to The Exemplary.

This particular piece first belonged to Dorothy Goldstick, who, in her stitching days, was a wonderful embroidery artist. Many years ago, she was head of the EGA crewel embroidery certification. Her work was outstanding. She then turned to Japanese embroidery, where again her talent shone. She stitched one pansy on this piece. Which one? Fun to guess. Alas, Parkinson’s Disease did not enable her to finish. She passed the piece onto my dear friend Cindy Burpee, who passed away before she had a chance to work on it.

It then became mine, and I finished it in admiration for the two ladies.