Traditional Hardanger Embroidery by Solveig Walstrom

3rd Place, Non-Professional Original

This Hardanger design is adapted from a tray cloth called Fiona from Hardanger Design by Thuve-Stua. It was stitched and submitted for the EGA Counted Thread Master Craftsman Step 5 Hardanger. I used the basic kloster setup but changed the satin stitch motifs and the filling stitches to satisfy Master Craftsman requirements.

The original design was worked with a pastel Watercolour, but I chose white #5 and 38 pearl cotton on white 22-count Hardanger fabric because to me this is traditional Hardanger. My Aunt Ruthie taught herself to do Hardanger after visiting relatives in Norway in the 1950s. Later she taught me. My first piece was a small doily done on white Hardanger fabric using DMC pearl cotton.

The stitches used are klosters; blanket stitch; 4-sided stitch; satin stitch motifs; and filling stitches, including dove’s eyes, square fillets, spider webs, and spokes.