Cheers by Arlene Niskar

1st Place, Non-Professional Non-Original Without Instruction
Judge’s Choice
Popular Choice

When I first saw this canvas, I thought it would look great hanging over the bar in my dining room. Also, I wouldn’t have to buy new threads. I could just go into my stash.

This was so easy to stitch; the people in it spoke to me and told me who they were.
• The way the first guy was sitting told me he was a biker dude.
• The lady next to him was just stopping in for a quick drink before meeting up with the girls.
• The fat guy seemed to me to be a plumber! So, I raised his shirt and gave him the required butt crack. And, of course, the tools of the trade.
• Next was Mister Plain, so he had to be a member of the Geek Squad.
• The woman trying to engage Mister Plain in conversation is the frequent evening customer of the establishment (if you know what I mean).
• Then there’s the businessman, who, before heading home to his family, stopped in for a drink after a long day at the office.
• And because she just finished her four-mile jog, this gal felt she earned a nice glass of wine.
• I had room to stitch a glass of beer on one side and a bag of popcorn on the other side of the college student who played baseball all the way from t-ball through high school. This being my grandson, on his jersey, I used both of his player numbers—first #9 then later #7. When he was young, he wouldn’t wear any top that I didn’t sew a number on—and it always had to be two numbers, like the other athletes.
• Last is the lonely woman, who sits at the end of the bar with her bottle, dreaming of days gone by.

Where there was room between patrons, I stitched bar items. This was the most fun I ever had stitching a canvas!