Fall Farm Barns by Christine Hawley

Honorable Mention, Non-Professional Non-Original with Instruction

I am sentimental about farms and barns since I grew up with my mother’s family operating an apple growing business and dairy farm in New Hampshire. It is still operating today. I always love visiting the family farm. Barnyards are charming places and this piece emotes those warm feelings. The stitching went together well with Shay Pendray’s help. I enjoy doing geometric architecture and this canvas had a lot of it. The colors are bright and cheerful and most of the barns are stitched with silk in different patterns. I was especially thrilled with the silo. As I traveled I have noticed that the tops of many silos are made with gray metal that curves down and this complicated stitch was just right to make that rounded effect. The fall trees are full of various colors. I used silk on some of the trees and several shades of bouclé on the large tree. I stitched the tan grasses with Silk Straw. I envision this piece to one day be hung in the office of the family farm.