Double Cypress Fans by Toni Marie Fourte

1st Place, Japanese Embroidery
Best of Show for Japanese Embroidery (The Beverly Booker Award)

‘Double Cypress Fans’ is a Japanese Embroidery capstone composition demonstrating mastery of all 46 stitches. When my Japanese Embroidery instructor deemed that it was time to take on ‘Double Cypress Fans’, I internally laughed in the manner of Sarah when she was presented with the notion that she would give birth (Genesis 17:17).

‘Double Cypress Fans’ respects technical competency; yet brings so much beauty to the fabric. Master Saito’s 1986 work ‘The Hands are an Exit for the Spirit’ captures my feelings about ‘Double Cypress Fans’ best:
If you stitch properly and with care, you will be creating a beautiful work which will reflect your inner spirt. There is a spirit behind your hands. Your spirit -and- your hands connected to each other.

Laughter no more! Just sincere gratitude that I took on the challenge and completed it. The collaboration of student, instructor, spirit, and needle brought ‘Double Cypress Fans’ to life.

Please enjoy, your viewing!