Pom Pom Shoes by Deborah Mitek

3rd Place, Professional Non-Original without Instruction

Pom Pom Shoes is an 8” x 10” hand-painted 18-count canvas by Kate Dickerson Designs from a painting by artist Maren Devine. It is embellished with silk ribbon embroidery, bead embroidery and canvaswork techniques to create a uniquely textured and dimensional 3D needlework piece.

The shaded background was the first thing I noticed when I purchased this painted canvas. The shadows around the feet create a lot of depth and dimension in the picture so I chose a light Petite Silk Lame Braid thread with a Diamond Trellis openwork stitch pattern to allow the shading in the painting to be seen through the stitching. The cuffed jeans are stitched with a textured Double Brick Stitch and Ribbon Canvas Stitch in overdyed Very Velvet threads of dark and light denim blues to lift the jeans up off the canvas and create height in the cuffs. The legs also have a lot of painted shading for dimension that needs to be seen, so I chose a simple Skip Tent Stitch in flesh toned Floche to highlight the shading so that the painting can again be seen through the stitching.

The focal point of the design is the shoes which sparkle with iridescent hot pink sequins done in a whipped stitched bead embroidery attachment. Silk ribbon embroidery fills out the shoe decoration using a new Loop Stitch technique as well as a Half-Bow Stitch with bead and French knot embellishments. The piece is framed in a Diagonal T Border Stitch adding an extra layer of dimensional stitching around the embellished painted canvas.

I loved creating this dimensional piece with the sparkly shoes from a flat painted surface!!