Elegant Lady Putting on a Hat in a Mirror by Christine Hawley

2nd Place, Non-Professional Non-Original without Instruction

This canvas attracted my attention immediately when I first saw it. I was intrigued by the challenge of creating a reflected image in needlepoint. I also love the feminine subject and the brilliant and varied colors of pink. There were many different fibers involved in creating this piece. The beautiful dress is stitched with pink silks, Frosty Rays and Kreinik braid. I used a ruched stitch to create the ruffled dress skirt. The ‘real’ face, which you only see from the side, is stitched with various shades of floss. It had to coordinate with the full face seen in the reflection. I was able to find a piece of hat veil that was the correct size to match what one sees in the reflection. The real veil is only on the side of the ‘real’ face. The reflected image shows the veil covering most of the face as it would. The reflected image is stitched over with silver Kreinik braid to create the effect of the mirror. It was a challenge to show how her arms are positioned upward as she is arranging a hat on her head. This was not an easy piece to complete but very satisfying when finished.