Snow Drifted Pathways by Dawn Donnelly

1st Place, The Exemplary Challenge
Judge’s Choice

When NAN announced that the challenge for 2020 would be texture, I immediately knew what I would do and what the theme would be; Winter. The piece is inspired by the snowdrifts in Michigan and a previous stitched paper piece. I chose a variety of white threads and some handmade paper from my stash. Then I searched through many of my books looking for stitches that would give me the effects and textures needed for my winter storm.

The focal point is the main path of the winter storm, which uses a shape cut out of handmade paper and secured to the canvas using the Butterfly Chain Stitch. Another path uses Rhodes stitches in various sizes and shapes. Exploding snowballs are represented by torn circles of paper attached with a large Eyelet and a Ribbed Spider. Snow covered logs are created from wet paper which has been rolled into a tube. The cyclone was created using a long piece of paper rolled into a tube then made into a swirl. Additional texture is added with fake Bullions, Herringbone, Cross Stitches, Couching, Palace Pattern and Fan Vaulting.