Lois Kershner

Lois Kershner with her husband Tom Scannell

Lois Kershner with her husband Tom Scannell

2014 NAN Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Throughout her career in library information systems, Lois Kershner developed a love of teaching and this eventually brought her into NAN’s Teachers’ Certification program.

She is a Master Level NAN-certified teacher, and completed NAN’s Teacher Cum Laude program, focusing on silk painting. In addition to serving her local ANG and EGA chapters in a variety of capacities, Lois has been President of the National Embroidery Teachers’ Association and NAN’s Director of Teachers’ Certification.

She has taught extensively for guilds and at regional and national seminars, and has authored distance learning programs for EGA and ANG.

Lois is best known for her landscapes, and is the author of Threadscapes: Design, Stitching Techniques, and Stitches. Her works have won numerous awards at national and regional exhibits, and she has been featured in the EGA Needlearts “Designers Across America” series.

In 2014, Lois received the prestigious NAN Lifetime Achievement Award and completed her Teacher cum Laude studies.