Second Place

This geometric sampler was inspired by the 2014 Exemplary Challenge. The last time I entered a similar one-stitch competition, I chose the Milanese stitch because triangles are such a dramatic shape in many quilt designs. This time I chose the Parisian stitch because it is equally versatile as a source for multiple patterns. This traditional stitch is composed of two alternating upright stitches of different lengths and the same arrangement is staggered in the alternating rows. The pattern is usually executed in a single color and forms a lovely grounding but multiple variations can be created with simple color changes.

I isolated several shapes that can be formed within a Parisian pattern. Some of these unusual shapes are used in the variations that appear in my nine-patch Parisian Sampler, and these composite arrangements were achieved with simple color changes in the traditional monochromatic root pattern.

To set up a framework for the nine squares in the sampler, I designed an open border that outlines each square. Three different patterns embellish the squares, and the corner and side fillings are repeated four times. These patterns also have extra borders, and the side patterns (which are actually rectangular shapes) are placed four-way. All of these elements are composed of units that can be isolated in the Parisian pattern, and a total of six variations are included in the design. Three of the variations are also beaded.