Selecting a Scissors

by Denise Beusen, Teachers’ Certification Candidate. Level I
From her beginner’s piece student booklet
Originally Published Spring 2006

In this project, you will be using a scissors to cut yarn off the skein, and to cut off ends of buried threads. Although in principle any scissors could be used, you will have the best experience if you work with scissors that

  • Are small – less than 4″ – so that they can be easily controlled when cutting in small areas.
  • Have finger holes large enough to accommodate your hand
  • Have blades made of stainless/surgical steel so they won’t rust
  • Have smooth and sharp blades that cut tightly and cleanly with the first cut (you don’t want to masticate the thread with your scissors!); and
  • Have fine, sharp tips for close cutting of finished thread ends

Don’t be misled! Many scissors are labeled “embroidery scissors”, but don’t satisfy these criteria.

Your first pair should have straight blades. As you continue your studies, you may want to look at specialized scissors, such as those with blades and handles that facilitate cutting in tight places, or others designed to cut specific types of stitching materials