Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil Lessons For Judging

by beve s. handwerger
Originally Published Summer 2002

“A constructive discourse covering work or works of art, pointing out areas that are well done as well as things that might be improved.”

Margy Lee Elspass, The Dictionary of Art Terms, Northern Lights Publishers, 1984
have never met a needleworker who does not want to hear comments about the pieces he/she is entering in a show. Of course, all entrants are looking for the positive, not the negative which creates embarrassment, and quite often, denial and anger. The needleartist should understand that constructive criticism is just that — constructive! It is meant to help, not hinder the growth process of the entrant.

From the critique the needleartist and novice is made aware of the principles and elements of designs and color. The judge can analyze a piece, impart small and large pearls of wisdom the needleworker may have been unaware of, and offer important suggestions to correct wrongs. We need to know what we have done right and what we have done wrong. Critiquing is teaching . . .being critiqued is learning.