A Heart Within Hearts

 Designed and stitched by Dinny Brones


A Heart Within Hearts by Dinny Brones

Materials: Material List:

  • White Canvas – 9″ X 9″
  • 2 pair 9″ stretcher bars
  • Anchor Floss, color #87
  • 1 skein Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss, color #191
  • 1 spool Kreinik #8 Braid #042
  • Number 22 and 24 needles

Step One: Center the Heart Ornament

Find the center of your canvas by running basting threads from corner to opposite corner. The intersection is the center of your canvas.

Step Two: The Center Heart

With 4 strands of Anchor Floss, color #87 pad the heart following the graph below. Count down 4 threads and to the left 2 threads from your center to begin stitching.



Next, with 1 strand Kreinik Braid #8, color #042 stitch over your padding following the chart:



Please note: the arrows show the stitch direction while the numbers indicate stitch placement. This heart is woven, so the stitches alternate. Not all the stitches are numbered, however, follow the pattern of alternating the stitch to finish the motif.

Finally, backstitch around the heart with 1 strand Kreinik Braid #8 following the chart, or, stitch 1 – 8 with 4 strands of the floss and finish the stitches with 1 strand of the braid as shown in the picture:


Step 3: Diamond Shape around center heart

With 4 strands of Anchor Floss, color #87 stitch the diagonal gobelin in every other channel following the graph below. This is represented by the dotted lines on the graph.

Next, with 1 strand of Kreinik #8 braid, color #042, fill in every other stitch. This is represented by the arrows on the graph. Mirror image the graph to stitch the other side.

Mirror image the chart to stitch the other side.


Finally, with 1 strand Kreinik #8 braid outline the diamond area in backstitch.

Step 4: Outer Heart Border


Using 4 strands of Overdyed Floss, color #191 and beginning at the bottom tip of the diamond shape, stitch the heart pattern below. Stitch all of the heart shapes first.


With 4 strands of Anchor Floss, color #87 fill in the cross stitches. Note the compensation along the edge of the heart.


Finally, with 1 strand of Anchor Floss, color #87 outline with straight stitches each heart motif. This will accent the individual hearts.


Dinny Brones holds a degree in Clothing and Textiles from Mills College in Oakland, California. She has been involved in needlework for more than thirty-five years, working in retail and teaching in the Seattle, Washington area. She has studied embroidery extensively with teachers from all over the United States and has been involved administratively in several national seminars. Dinny received her Judges’ Certification from NAN in 1997.