Little Angel by Anna Lifson

3rd Place, Professional Original

To have needle art carry the soul of the artist, the first technique is to meditate. I do it every day and love everything. So, I decided to hand embroider this piece. Materials include white fabric and Vietnamese cotton threads. To hand embroider a portrait, I prefer to use cotton threads because there are certain colors that match human skin color. Stitches are mostly long and short, satin stitch, French knot, and stem stich. The problem that I ran into is that if I hand embroidered an angel at a small size, I would not be able to express or bring my soul into the piece. Consequently, I increased its size from 10ʺ x 8ʺ to 14ʺ x 11ʺ. Given my family background in this form of needle art, hand embroidering a portrait of angel, God, or Buddha cannot be done in a small size because it is so hard for professional artists to express their soul in choosing and blending threads color, and the needle art will not show its true value.