1st Place, Professional Original

I have an interest in Guatemalan weaving and design, and found a photo of a woman’s blouse, called a huipil, that included a feathered serpent, or Quetzalcoatl, on the front and sleeves. The feathered serpent is associated with the wind and is a bringer of rains, and is known as a patron of learning and the arts. This piece is meant to be the front of such a huipil. In addition to the Quetzalcoatl, I have included a 4-way Florentine interpretation of the Guatemalan universe symbol, with the sun at the top (east) and the bottom (west), and spirals attached to indicate the path of the sun through the day. The zigzag on a huipil can represent a serpent, or mountains, or lightning bolts. The diamonds typically represent the earth or the universe.
My color palette is bright and represents the color palette of traditional Guatemalan weaving and embroidery.