2016 Professional Original, Second Place

Golden Waves of Grain Evening Clutch resembles a Japanese handbag used when wearing a kimono. It was created in the Japanese Bead Embroidery method, which incorporates silk embroidery techniques translated with beads. The chic Swarovski Rhinestone Zipper compliments the Black Tri-Cuts and 24 kt Gold Plated Beads and silver-lined Gold seed beads used to create the Sashiko pattern of Pampas Grass. The technique of using a Beading Koma to couch down curved lines is the secret for obtaining smooth semi-circles. A fashionable black Dupioni Silk lining partners beautifully to the clutch design.

A small pocket is located on the inside to hold a credit card and the overall size accommodates today’s large smart phones. The designer completed both the embroidery and finishing. The foundation fabric is Black 100% Silk Bridal Satin stitched using Evertite Stretcher bars in order to maintain the drum-like tightness necessary for this style of bead embroidery.