The Wordsworth Harp and Case by Rozelle Hirschfelt

First Place, Professional Non-Original with Instructions
Judge’s Choice
The Exemplary Award

The Wordsworth Harp appealed to me when I first saw it in a magazine article about the origin of the idea and the development of the finished harp. I simply had to have it! And so, when it became available as a kit, I purchased it. I truly savored every moment of the embroidery and construction of the harp. In the documentation that accompanied the kit, a photograph of the original harp was shown with a case. The kit did not contain a case nor instructions for one. I noticed, though, that there might be just enough of the green silk left over to cover a box similar to the original. The lid of the original case wasn’t shown in the photograph, so I don’t know if it was decorated, but I felt some embellishment was needed. I used a portion of the embroidery design on the harp to add a cartouche to the lid.