Or Nue Rose by Denise Beusen

Third Place, Professional Non-Original with Instructions

This design by Carlene Harwick was published in the May, 2000 issue of Needle Pointers. At that time, I was hungry to broaden my exposure to different types of needlework. Given its small size and relative design simplicity, the project was well-suited to learning Or Nue’.

Even this small project, however fell victim to my short attention span. After stitching approximately 2/3 of the piece, it just didn’t come out of my stitching bag again and eventually migrated to a storage box.

Last year, the Needlework Guild of Minnesota needlepoint group decided to do an Or Nue’ project. I realized I already had an Or Nue’ project, and there was no need to invest in another one. So. . . after 18 years, this project had new life –and to demonstrate that I was “all in” I purchased a box in which to mount it.

But of course, antiquarian needlework is an adventure. This time it was discovering after the restart that I didn’t have enough Kreinik braid to finish the piece…and the dye lot 18 years later was different from what I’d started with. Marlene Doak came to my rescue; she went through her stash and found a spool of suitable vintage in the same color. Stitchers DO take care of one another!

Materials and colors per original specification:
DMC floss
24-ct Congress Cloth