Honorable Mention, Professional Non-Original with Instruction

When I saw this piece designed by Michele Roberts, I knew I had to take the class. It would be a perfect piece to stitch and give to my husband for our Fiftieth Anniversary. He was absolutely delighted with his gift, especially since I had stitched it just for him! That made it even extra special for him. For both of us, this piece is a nice remembrance of our Fiftieth Anniversary. Wow!

The materials used in this piece included: opal 18 ct canvas, gold braid (#8 and #12), gold ribbon (1/8th inch), pearls (8mm, 6mm, 4mm, 3mm, and 2.5mm), gold double braided back thread, spangles (#1), and one Swarovski crystal AB Heart (27 mm).

The stitches included are backstitching, Amadeus clusters, small and large Jessica stitches, starbursts, and attaching pearls and embellishments.