Morning Joy by Susie Williams

Honorable Mention, Professional Mixed Media
The Muse’s Kiss

This seascape scene of sea grass full of tiny birds was made from a resurrected drawing I had thought was just terrible. It wasn’t until months later, going through my sketch book, that I realized my 30 second drawing of the birds before they suddenly flew away actually captured the moment in a complete and balanced composition. I was stunned. As a careful planner of nearly everything, I was delighted that some drawing instinct took over in a way I was unaware and produced something memorable.

The little birds are constructed with fabric, polymer clay beaks, and tiny wrapped wire for their feet. The sea grass is made with frayed fabric on a cloth covered stem and silk/cotton fabric leaves. I thought later to include the small watercolor and embroidered seascape to inform the viewer of the location of the events in the piece.