Morris Tulips by Rozelle Hirschfelt

First Place, Professional Adaptation

During a visit to the William Morris studio in Hammersmith, England, I observed a framed drawing over the fireplace in the room Mr. Morris used as an office. It was, we were told, a custom design that was proposed to a client but never used. We were allowed to take photographs and I took several from various viewpoints because the piece was illuminated by a spotlight that reflected on the glass. I wanted to be able to see the entire design. After returning home, I looked at my photos again and again. I felt drawn to use this design for embroidery. My first efforts, through the museum’s website at obtaining permission to use the design for embroidery were not successful. Several years later I noticed an increase in activity of the William Morris Society and the museum at the 60th anniversary of founding of the society. The website had been updated with more contact information, so I tried again and immediately received a reply granting permission for my use of the design for an embroidery. I have interpreted the design as it was drawn, only half of the diagonally symmetric pattern. I have used detached elements for some of the leaves and flowers.