Three Litters by Joyce Houck

2016 Non-Professional Original, First Place; Best Of Show (The Jean Taggart Award); Judge’s Choice; The Exemplary Award

These three were puppies at different times but were recreated in the piece as they were as puppies. For a short period all three were alive at the same time.

Inspiration for Work:
-Front cover of a Smith & Foster Veterinarian Supply Catalog
-Dog bed is the one that all three dogs used during their lives as puppies

Materials used:
-Ground fabric is Dupioni Silk
-DMC cotton and Anchor Cotton Floss were used to create the dogs
-Simply Shaker over dyed cotton was used to create the dog bead

Technique used:
-A random long and short stitch technique was used to create the dog hair

Design modifications:
-The catalog photograph was the inspiration but photographs of my 3 puppies were used to create this piece
-I chose to omit the foot under the sleeping dog as I felt it distracted from the piece.