Belle Notte by Mary D. Smith

Honorable Mention, Non-Professional Non-Original without Instructions

My sister has thousands of Lady and the Tramp items in her home. So, I was pleased to find this L&T needlepoint canvas. It will be a one of a kind, that she won’t find on Ebay!

The canvas is 18-count. I used satin stitch, open wave, Nobuko, basket weave, and random long/short stitches.

I used 3 layers of felt to make the meat ball and Very Velvet thread for the spaghetti sauce. It reminds me of my mom’s sauce. I originally tried a felted wool ball, cut in half, for the meatball. It stood off the canvas too much and became too prominent.

The spaghetti is #5 perle cotton.

Burmilana and Impressions in satin stitch for Lady’s smooth muzzle, contrasts Tramp’s rough coat random long/short, in Fuzzy Stuff. Both noses are basket weave with Petite Very Velvet thread.

I used Entice for the moon (Nobuko). The sky is Gloriana, its subtle color changes and open wave stitch added depth. Small beads were used so that the stars don’t overwhelm but add a bit of sparkle.