Mosaic Pheasant by Arlene Altman

First Place, Non-Professional Non-Original with Instructions
The Betsy Robb Award

This design by Jenny Adin-Christie of the UK was inspired by mosaics found in ancient ruins. The design represents a male ring-necked pheasant and is a study combining raised embroidery and English Goldwork metal thread techniques.

I first saw Jenny’s designs at a course in Williamsburg, VA when I started an RSN program. While Jenny was not my teacher, she was teaching at the same venue and bought several of her kits thinking I’d get around to them sooner or later.

The Mosaic Pheasant was first. Although I made some small changes such as framing the finished product which was designed as a box (by minimizing the tall grasses surrounding the pheasant, and replacing the spangles specified with Goldwork chipping) I believe the finished piece matches the essence of her design.