Third Place

Prior to the 1969 demolition of the Grand Rapids, Michigan city hall (constructed in 1885), entryway tiles were saved, and then auctioned years later to raise awareness for historical preservation. Lapis Gold is an interpretation of my tile.

The geometric designs stitched in gold passing thread and paillettes are the compass points surrounding the beads, appliquéd leather orb, interlacing and weaving techniques that create the center. Delicate stitching on either side of the diagonal Japan gold couching, together with 140 Queen stitches, frame in the center motif.

The airy fan stitch creates the foundation of the four inner corners. Vertical and horizontally laid Japan gold couching with woven corners together with one-half Queen stitches anchor the middle motif. The geometric designs and orbs in the outer border are surrounded by a graduated laid filling pattern encapsulating the tile, framed with additional one-half queen stitches.