Judges’ Certification Graduates

The following people have completed the National Academy of Needlearts Judges’ Certification program as Judges, Master Judges, or Exhibit Administrator’s Associates, and are still active in their field. We invite you to consider these individuals when you need a needlework judge in your area. Please contact the Director of Education with a description of your need and she will forward your information to an individual in your area.


Dolores M. Andrew, Maryland
Beverly E. Booker, Michigan
Connie Lynn Borserine, Kansas
Dinny Brones, Washington
Evelyn Chingren, Nebraska
Cheryl Christian, Texas
Susan Dawson, Utah
Judi DiCarlo, Massachusetts
Jane Farber, Indiana
Teresa Frank, Washington
Inez Giles, Massachusetts
Donna Halpin, Ohio
Carlene Harwick, Michigan
Lou Kilgore, Ohio
Judy Lehman, Texas
Nanette Mathe, Tennessee
Beth M. Meree, Maryland
Cindy Powell, Illinois
Jennifer Riefenberg, Colorado
Cynthia Rigoni, Texas
Sandy Rodgers, Ohio
Gail C. Sirna, Michigan
Patricia M. Tector, North Carolina
Pat Thompson, Maryland
Carla Wagner, Ohio

Master Judges

Dolores Andrew, Maryland
Mary Kay Campbell, Nebraska

Exhibit Administrator’s Associates

Sheila Ary, Illinois
Beve Handwerger, Maryland