Louise Downing McGinty

1995 NAN Lifetime Achievement Awardee

In its first year the NAN Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Louise Downing McGinty and Betsy Robb, both of whom served the organization as Directors.

Louise Downing McGinty, a former Dean of Continuing Education at Pitt Community College in Greenville, North Carolina, is the person responsible for establishing the Teacher Certification Program for the National Academy of Needlearts. In the beginning the program was affiliated with the Valentine Museum in Richmond, Virginia, which offered an Assembly for Embroiderers each spring. Louise, with her background in education, saw the need for professional training of needlework teachers, and sought to establish a program to train embroidery teachers that was well founded in design, teaching methods, and professional conduct. She inspired subsequent board members to uphold the highest standards. Louise has always been regarded as the soul of NAN.