Carlene Harwick

2007 Lifetime Achievement Awardee

Carlene Harwick is certified by the Valentine Museum as a teacher of Canvas Embroidery(winning their Honors Scholarship at the completion of certification). She holds Judges’ Certification from NAN, where she has served as the Director of Judges’ Certification as well as the Director of Education. Carlene holds Senior Master Teacher credentials with the American Needlepoint Guild and is a past chairman of the program. She served on the ANG national board as Vice President for Education, where she promoted quality judging and teaching of needlearts. In addition, she served ANG as Chairman of both the Master Needle Artist Program and the Needleart Appraisal Program. Carlene is a Certified Graduate Teacher with the Embroiderers Guild of America, Inc. and is a recipient of the Lake Sainte Clair Award by the Great Lakes Region, EGA, for service to the region. She has been teaching since 1980 and judging since 1990, including national, regional and local exhibitions and seminars.