Canvas Stitch Sampler Tina Fisher

3rd Place, Non-Professional Non-Original with Instruction

This design was created by Carol Light of Lighthouse Designs and includes 25 different stitches: Arrow, Brick-Double, Cashmere-Checker, Palace Pattern, Knitted, Lozenge Satin, Milanese, Norwich, Old Florentine, Pavilion, Queen, Reverse Scotch, Satin Triangles, Tumbling Blocks, Upright Cross, Victorian Step, Woven Ribbons, Mixed Milanese, and Byzantine.

It was stitched with Anchor floss, WildFlowers and DMC #8 Pearl cotton. I followed the directions for the 25 different stitches but changed the suggested colorway to my color choice. I changed the inside border from a Slanted Gobelin to the Burden Stitch to show off the Overdyed Wildflowers, keeping the corners in Reverse Scotch. The outer border I changed to 8 canvas threads wide instead of two canvas threads. I chose a broken Satin Stitch in #8 Pearl to give more interest. I then repeated the Reverse Scotch stitch in the corner of the outer border to give it continuity with the inner border.