Monarch and Asters by Marietta Douglas

I found a copyright free photo of a butterfly that I liked online. The background of the photo had different shades of green in it and I tried to mimic this by coloring the canvas with yellow-green, forest green and ultramarine Copic markers. Mostly I combined colors but sometimes I just used one marker. I think that you can see some of the markers’ colors coming through the background stitch. The background was stitched with Wildflowers, Evergreen using Old Florentine stitches. The butterfly was stitched in Cashmere Stitch and variations on that stitch. After the background and butterfly were stitched, surface stitches completed the project. French knots were used for the flower centers; raised chain was used for the stems; the calyxes were stitched in satin stitch; lazy daisy stitches formed the flower petals using three different colors in various combinations to optically mix them; two shades of green were blended and stitched in stem stitch for the leaves.