Active NAN-Certified Teachers

Of the more than 124 teachers certified by NAN since its inception, those currently active are listed alphabetically by name below. Please note that their certification specialty does not limit them in any way to teaching only this technique; it is simply the specialty declared by each candidate. Most of our teachers have branched out and incorporated other techniques in their teaching.

We invite you to contact these teachers when you need a needlework teacher in your region. Please contact the Director of Teachers’ Certification with an inquiry or request for a teacher and she will forward the information to the individual. The National Embroidery Teachers Association is another resource for locating needlework teachers.



Home State


Dolores Andrew Mixed Media Maryland
Kurdy Biggs Canvas Colorado www.
Celeste Chalasani Surface Embroidery-Stumpwork California
Dawn Donnelly Canvas Michigan
Eric Friedman Canvas New Mexico
Toni Gerdes Canvas Colorado www.
Marsha Gomola Stumpwork Ohio www.
Diane Herrmann Canvas Illinois
Kaye Judt Surface Indiana
Ann Strite-Kurz Canvas Michigan www.
Wendy Moore Canvas Michigan
Jennifer Riefenberg Canvas Colorado
Heather Shulick Mixed Media Illinois
Gail Sirna Canvas Michigan
Jeannette Tombaugh Canvas Colorado
Vicky Witterschein Canvas/Surface Embroidery New Jersey