Joan Thomasson

Joan Thomasson is an ANG Master Teacher and a NAN Honors graduate iin Ecclesiastical Embroidery. She is the owner of Stitchin’ Stuff, Inc., which markets needlepoint kits and canvases nationally. Her work has been featured as the Covers of Needlepoint Now, Needlepointers, Needlearts, and in the Neiman Marcus “Howchow Collection”. Her Christmas ornaments are in the collections of the governors of Connecticut and Colorado as well as the H.W. Bush and Clinton White Houses. She is past president of the National Embroidery Teachers Association and a past Chairman of the International Council of Needle work Associations.

Joan has long been fascinated with art, particularly fabric and fiber art, which tell a story and bring additional insight to their subject. “An exhibit of part of the Gutenberg Bible while we lived aboard, the beautiful vestments and banners decorating small village churches and mighty cathedrals, and knowing several needlework artists like Marion Scoular, Wilke Smith, Eugenia Thorp and Connie Eggers all added together to make me want to create something special that told the most incredible story of all. During the years of research, I found new knowledge of symbolism, words, monograms and images which reminded the largely illiterate populations of the Middle Ages the tenents of their faith were founded on. There were huge masterpieces like Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel as well as small ones like lecturn markers, Chrismons, and pastor’s stoles.”