Carol Pedersen Owlympics combined

Third Place, Professional Original

I was working on holiday ornaments in felted wool embroidery featuring owls in winter gear, at the 2016 Needlework Guild of Minnesota retreat, which was held at the same time as the Olympics in Rio. As I finished them, I passed them around and my fellow stitchers named them (Owlivia, Ronowld, etc.) I added ice skates to the feet of one; friend Betsy suggested that I should make a penny rug for the Owlympics, since I already have a skater. Here it is. Thank you, Betsy! And thank you to my husband Michael for suggesting the judges.

In case you’re not much into sports, let me introduce the Owlympians: Gerowldine, the gymnast (shown)
Thowlma, the tennis player (shown)
Joowl, the black belt in Judo
Barthowlomew, the basketball player
Wendowl, the weight lifter
Towlbot and Terrowl, the tobogganists
Fernowla, the figure skater
Samuowl, the snow boarder (shown)
Cowlvin, the curler (shown)
Shaowldon, the freestyle skier