Tidal Treasures by Celeste Chalasani

TidalTreasures by Celeste Chalasani; Year 3 Teachers’ Certification piece 2019
Some of my fondest memories are of walking along the beach picking up sea shells. On warm summer days, my mother would pack me and my siblings into the car and transport us from the hot, stifling heat of California’s Central Valley to the beach. We played in the tide and walked along the beach, looking for sea shells. Each shell was a mystery, a question of what sea creature once inhabited it.

As an adult, I find solace watching the waves break against the shore. I go at low tide to look for starfish, mussels and sea anemone clinging to the rocks, and marvel at their ability to survive. I still walk along the water’s edge, searching the sandy beach to see what treasure I might discover but with a greater appreciation of the life that once inhabited them.

Tidal Treasures interprets this sea life using variations of the Detached Buttonhole Stitch. I wanted to explore these variations to create life-like sea shells in the shape of needlework accessories. There were many challenges including the choice of fabric, thread and stitches but of these, the greatest challenge was in choosing which Detached Buttonhole Stitch variations would work for each sea shell and how to assemble each one so that it they would look realistic.