Best of Show: The Exemplary 2022

The Mixed Media entry, A Bleached Coral Reef by Kim Berry-Rogers, was given the Best of Show (Jean Taggart Award) Award at The Exemplary 2022. This award is selected by the judges from the First Place winners in all categories except Japanese Embroidery.

From the artist:

I am always inspired by the sea. It pulls us in with its mystery and magic. It calms us and brings peace to our souls. We send it garbage and it gives us back food. The circular design of this piece indicates life, the infinite, the eternal. It represents a bleached coral reef, dead and dying due to climate change, water quality, overfishing, coastal development, plastics and neglect by humans. We must protect our oceans so that future generations can also enjoy their gifts.

Made using silk, cashmere, and angora, merino wool, mohair, linen and cotton threads, vintage linens, antique lace, tatting and velvet. Beads, crystals, freshwater pearls, Topaz, agate, antique buttons, ancient coin, shells, Coral and other gifts from the sea. Cotton batik base filled with walnut shells.

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