Best of Show for Japanese Embroidery: The Exemplary 2022

Double Cypress Fans by Toni Marie Fourte was selected by judges as the Best of Show for Japanese Embroidery (The Beverly Booker Award) at The Exemplary 2022. This award is selected by the Japanese Embroidery judge from First Place winners in that category.

From the artist:

“Double Cypress Fans is a Japanese Embroidery capstone composition demonstrating mastery of all 46 stitches. When my Japanese Embroidery instructor deemed that it was time to take on Double Cypress Fans, I internally laughed in the manner of Sarah when she was presented with the notion that she would give birth (Genesis 17:17). 

“Double Cypress Fans respects technical competency; yet brings so much beauty to the fabric. Master Saito’s 1986 work The Hands are an Exit for the Spirit captures my feelings about Double Cypress Fans best:

If you stitch properly and with care, you will be creating a beautiful work which will reflect your inner spirt.  There is a spirit behind your hands.  Your spirit -and- your hands connected to each other.

“Laughter no more!  Just sincere gratitude that I took on the challenge and completed it. The collaboration of student, instructor, spirit, and needle brought Double Cypress Fans to life. 

“Please enjoy, your viewing!”

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