Rainy Autumn Cityscape by Gail Sirna

Rainy Cityscape depicts a charming street, probably somewhere in Europe. The city cathedral dominates in its central location, while appealing shops and apartments line either side of the street. Local residents stroll down avenue, their colorful umbrellas adding cheer to the gloomy day.

The stitches chosen are in keeping with the sizes of the buildings and other elements and enhance the line of design. The chosen threads are mostly silks with some metallics to express the “wet” feeling. Threads include Soie d’Alger, various overdyes such as Waterlilies and Gloriana, and the old reliables such as Kreinik and Accentuate.

The challenge was to not make the scene too colorful since it is rainy and overcast. And yes, the colors assert themselves through the rain, suggesting that it too will pass. The lights are on inside the church and shine hopefully though the mist.