Land of the Spirit Bear by Gail Sirna

In far north Canada biologists have discovered an unusual bear; it is silvery, creamy white, but shaped like a black bear. At first it was believed that the bear was a result of cross breading between a black bear and a polar bear, but genetic tests have shown this coloration to merely be a mutation of the black bear.

The Land of the Spirit Bear captures the animal in embroidery, in his traditional habitat, a forest of deciduous trees. Our bear is embraced by a variety of leafless trees springing from the snowy landscape. An icy river flows through the painting and grasses occlude the horizon. Accompanying the bear is an Inukshuk, a native Canadian icon, used to indicate a geographic feature such as a waterfall, or to point the way to a trail.

Many values of grey and white have been employed in this design, in an attempt to give a touch of realism.