Corona Sampler by Gail Sirna

This piece was stitched at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine and was worked more or less without rhyme or reason. I just wanted to do a sampler of flowers. Preferably flowers that I had not featured in prior designs. I will admit that only some prior planning went into this piece, and I just wanted to include flowers that I liked. Of course, I paid attention to things like distribution of color throughout the piece, and I made sure I used some single large blooms among the smaller patches of flowers. I had originally intended to have several sections of pulled thread but somehow more flowers kept creeping into the design. And so, the pulled thread patches became few and far between.

I do think I achieved my goal of a joyous salute to the nascent spring—in our time of isolation— to express the hope of life blooming again after the travails of a northern winter. And, of course, this piece supplied me with the comfort of stitching and the satisfaction of designing something pleasing to myself.