African Daisy – Osteospermum by Lois Kershner

‘Don’t you dare walk past without looking at me’ shouts this African Daisy ‘Flower Power Spider White’ flower bush. So I bend down to take a closer look at the daisy-shaped blooms with unique spoon-shaped petal spokes that curve in the center to show off the petal’s purple underside. I am drawn immediately to interpret this intriguing flower in stitching. To understate the background greenery, I manipulate my photograph before printing it on cotton fabric. Each individually attached stumpwork flower petal wire slip is fashioned with two fabrics, white for the top bonded to a purple fabric underside. The padded flower center appliqué, done in colonial knots, beads and satin stitches adds dimension while some freeform stitches done on the ground fabric help suggest a sense of depth.