Jukebox Saturday Night by Carole Fiore

This piece was inspired by my husband’s job servicing jukeboxes throughout the PA/NJ area. Bubble lights, rotating rainbow light tubes and lots of chrome on the Wurlitzer Model 1015 are brought to life in this counted canvas piece.

Sitting quietly in the corner of a bar or restaurant, the jukebox sat in the corner and waited to come to life with sound, color, and motion. Iridescent threads mimic the bubble lights and numerous stitches in a rainbow of colors provide movement against the tile wall.

The general design for this jukebox was a composite from multiple images found on the internet. The background in the area of the record changer was fabric that was hand appliquéd. The “1015” on the front of the machine is the model number. Beads were used for the selector buttons. Perspective for the tile floor was achieved using the vanishing point that is behind the jukebox.

THREADS: Cotton and silk flosses; Silk and Wool; Memory Thread; Cotton and Silk pearls; Glissen Gloss Braid Ribbon; Entice, Neon Rays and Neon Rays +; Frosty Rays; Flair; Metallic Braid (various weights) in white and silver; Patina; beads; 1 shisha mirror
GROUND: 18 count white mono canvas
DESIGN SIZE: 13.25” H x 11.75” W